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To become a member, please complete the online application and mail your first quarter dues amount, a copy of your agency's license to operate in KY, an agency brochure or agency information sheet, first quarter dues, a signed copy of the Children's Alliance Code of Ethics to: Children’s Alliance, 420 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601.
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Children’s Alliance has received a grant from Lift a Life Foundation to train 120 therapists from member agencies in TF-CBT. Contact the Children’s Alliance office at 502-875-3399 for additional information.
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  • Code of Ethics

    Code of Ethics

    Children’s Alliance Code of Ethics

    We will accept into our programs only those children for whom our services are appropriate. We will use professional means to determine the adequacy of our programs for each child.

    We will make every effort to design and operate our facilities in a way that is most nurturing for children, with staff and program content giving priority to the welfare of the child.

    We will provide a safe environment, free from maltreatment, exploitation, or abuse, which will enhance the educational, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth of the children in our care.

    We will respect children as individuals, and with the same inalienable rights which are guaranteed to all citizens of the United States. We will attempt to instill in them the sense of the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship, and teach them to respect the rights of others.

    We will respect the cultural heritage of each child and seek to enhance feelings of self worth and pride in the positive values of this heritage.

    We value the family unit and acknowledge that each child in our care is part of a family system; therefore, we will work with the family to the extent which our resources allow, striving to strengthen and reunite the family when in the best interest of the client system.

    We will be sensitive to and understanding of the trauma children experience during separation and placement, and will attempt to provide children in our care with a living situation which is as close to normal family and community life as possible.

    We will be an advocate for children as we contribute our knowledge, skill, and influence to bring about development of adequate human welfare service delivery programs, which will benefit children and families.

    We will seek to employ staff whose knowledge, skills and compassion, when fully utilized can bring about stabilization in the life of each individual whom we serve. We will provide opportunity for further professional development of each staff member.

    We will be responsible in the use of information gained in our relationships with children and their families.

    We will continuously review and update our services for effectiveness and relevance.

    We will be honest and open in the representation of our services.